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We Thank East, Direction Of Light, Rebirth & Inspiration.

We Thank South, Direction Of Love, Compassion & Community.

We Thank West, Direction Of  Courage To Face Our Shadows.

We Thank North, Direction Of Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance.


Welcome to our  community of healing and soul empowerment. You are invited to join our upcoming workshops and circles. Connect with the elements, creator, and the divine light within you!

The New York Shamanic Circle has found a home!   

Circles will be meeting our New Location:

Yoni Studio, 115 West 29th St, Suite 601, Manhattan, NY

Our Monthly Workshops, Events and Gatherings continue on!  

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with Zelda Hotaling 

Saturday May 20th 
Manhattan Location TBA 

Have you ever wanted to experience the deep connection between
a Medicine Person and their drum?

We all search for that perfect drum, the one that resounds with the unique beat of our heart while channeling its legacy as the heart beat of our Great Mother Earth, herself.  

This special relationship between a Medicine Person and their drum can only be attained through feeling and connecting with Great Spirit from above and one’s own Spirit from within.
This unique workshop offers the safety of the womb by working with your inner child, Great Spirit, and Mother Earth. You will walk upon sacred hides from the Native Land, receive a flow of guidance from Creator and Personal Allies, and connect with each of the cardinal directions to bring forth the spirit essence that chooses you.
You will heal old wounds, through the birthing of your Sacred Drum that will become a lifelong companion along your Medicine Path.
Includes All Materials for Making Your Drum In The Traditional Way!
 $ 225 materials + $ 295 workshop
$100 non-refundable deposit
due by May 1st  
or call Cristina Maria 201-463-0204
Zelda Hotaling is raised in the Native American Traditions of the Mohawk people,The Haudenosaunee. Her family is from the Kahnawaka Reservation in Canada.  She began receiving her teachings as a child with the Elders and building her relationship with Creator. Zelda holds the Sacred Dream Circle Project “SHIFTS HAPPEN”.  She uses Drums, Rattles & Crystal Bowls to promote healing through sound. Her gifts are inner sight & Spirit Guide Healing work.  Visit Zelda: http://zeldahotaling.com/