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We Thank East, Direction Of Light, Rebirth & Inspiration.

We Thank South, Direction Of Love, Compassion & Community.

We Thank West, Direction Of  Courage To Face Our Shadows.

We Thank North, Direction Of Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance.






Welcome to our  community of healing and soul empowerment. You are invited to join our upcoming workshops and circles. Connect with the elements, creator, and the divine light within you!

Saturday, August 13th – NYSC Women’s Circle 
Time: Starts at 1:30 pm, Led This Month By Cristina Maria
Place: Central Park – Near Great Hill
Friday, August 12 – NYSC Open Circle
Time: Starts at 7:00 pm, Led By NYSC Core Group
Place: YoGanesh Yoga – 208 W 29th St,
              The Second Floor, #201
              Between 7th & 8th Avenues
No Healing Circle for August – NY Shamanic Healing Circle
Time: We will be meeting Sept. 30th, Led Irma StarSpirit Woman
Place: YoGanesh Yoga – 208 W 29th St,
              The Second Floor, #201
              Between 7th & 8th Avenues
Don Oscar large Ceremony cropped
The NYSC is honored to welcome back  
Ecuadorian Shaman
Don Oscar Santillan – KuriCharik 
Ancestral Wisdom and Medicine of the Andes
Sunday, September 18th 

Join us for a one-day intensive where Don Oscar-KuriCharik takes us on a journey through the sacred Andean Mountains. It is well known in Indigenous Traditions that to receive the essence of a Medicine People it must be lived and experienced first-hand. Learn the sacred and ancient healing tradition of his people – from the Otavalo Kichwa Nation – through your Body, Soul, and Spirit – a form that will live with you always.

In this highly experiential workshop, Don Oscar-KuriCharik shares teachings on:
          – Ceremonies and Rituals – importance and practice
          – Healing techniques and approaches – use of tools, tangible and intangible
          – How to communicate with Pacha Mama, Wakas, Deities and more
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Location: Provided to registrants
Cost: Early Bird Special (by September 11th) $155 ~ After $199
Contact: Cristina Maria
Be sure to experience this unique opportunity.
This is Don Oscar’s final teaching appearance in NYC for 2016.
You take this journey deep into the Andes and the medicine will remain deep within your bones, always.
Register now! Find the Donation button on the right side and Pay via Paypal. or email nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com 

More About Don Oscar:

Yachak (shaman) Don Oscar Santillan – KuriCharik (gold or sun in the heart) is a 7th generation sound healer, community leader, and teacher of traditional Andean wisdom from the Otavalo Kichwa Nation in Ecuador. An active member of indigenous organizations, he educates people about culture as well as sustainable development through Fair Trade practices and micro-financing. A Kichwa speaker with a strong connection to the natural world, he has made many radio appearances to spread ancient Andean wisdom and culture. Along with his family, he has created the Pakarinka Sisari, or Center for Ancestral Wisdom, displaying sacred musical instruments, pre-Colombian bowls, and symbolic clay hands for guidance and protection. With the majestic mountain, Imbabura as the backdrop, the center is a place to learn about ancient Andean ways and connect with Mother Nature. He has appeared in two films directed by Iris Brooks and Jon H. Davis. In Languages Lost and Found, he speaks his native tongue and plays a 300-year old condor feather flute and for the new, interactive DVD, Awakening Languages: A Personal Exploration, Sharing, and Questioning.
Don Oscar is the Co-founder of Centro de Sabiduría Ancestral Pakarinka Sisari, Agato, Pichincha, Ecuador.



The NY Shamanic Circle is honored to Annual:



Saturday, August 20
On his birthdate.
1:30pm – 7pm – NYC
$100 – after August 10th $120
 Location and instructions will be sent only for those who register.
Please join us on the fifth anniversary (The his birthday) of Ipupiara’s passing, to celebrate his rich healing legacy, to make sure his knowledge will not be forgotten and will continue to inspire new generations of healers to come. Ipupiara believed that “We Are All Shamans.” We are all natives of the Earth and that we all have the responsibility to make other people dreams come true.
Join us on this special day to learn about:
(Time permit)
* Yara & Tupana
Teaching of the rainforest Gods
* Tacuma Needles Technique
Unique Amazonian healing technique of diagnostic, 
to stimulate and activate the nervous system   
* Candle and Egg Reading
Traditional Andes diagnostic technique
* Akuras (evil spirits) Diagnostics
Techniques to locate entities
* Protection Techniques
* Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony
* Ipu’s Stories & teachings
find the Donation button and pay via Paypal 
or email for more info: nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com