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We Thank The East, Direction Of Light, Rebirth & Inspiration.

We Thank The South, Direction Of Love, Compassion & Community.

We Thank The West, Direction Of  Courage To Face Our Shadows.

We Thank The North, Direction Of Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance.



Welcome to our  community of healing and soul empowerment. You are invited to join our upcoming workshops and circles. Connect with the elements, creator, and the divine light within you!

Friday, January 29, – NY Shamanic Healing Circle
Time: Starts at 7:00 pm, Led By Irma StarSpiritWoman
Place: YoGanesh Yoga – 208 W 29th St,
              The Second Floor, #201
              Between 7th & 8th Avenues
Friday, January 8th- Open Circle
Time: Starts at 7:00 pm, Led By NYSC Core Group
Place: YoGanesh Yoga – 208 W 29th St,
              The Second Floor, #201
              Between 7th & 8th Avenues
Saturday, Jan. 9th – Women’s Circle
Time: Starts at 1:30 pm, Led This Month By Cristina Maria
Place: YoGanesh Yoga-208 W 29th St
             The Second Floor, #201
             Between 7th and 8th Avenues
Sunday, February 14th- NYSC Sound Circle
Time: Starts at 1:30 pm, Led By Sage Logan
Place: WellBody – Union Square
              22 East 17th Street, 5th Floor, #521
              Between Union Square West & 5th Avenue


jaguar heart workshop (4)One Heart Balam Jaguar

One Balam Jaguar Spirit

An Intensive Personal Healing

with Irma StarSpirit Woman

Date: Saturday, Feb. 20th from 10- 5:00

Cost: Early Bird Feb. 10th $130 thereafter $170

To Register: email nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com

Location announced to those who register

You are invited to enter and work with the Balam Jaguar using Soul Retrieval, Shape-shifting, Ceremonial Jaguar Dance & Create Life’s Connection to the Loving Jaguar within you. 

You are invited to enter and work with the Balam Jaguar ; to the Maya people the Jaguar is highly respected and venerated. The Maya believe that the jaguar has the ability to cross between worlds – between the living world (which was associated with the day) and the spirit world (which was associated with the night).  Enter the shifts and realms of personal healing with Balam Jaguar a guide of awakening and restoring your power within.
Soul Retrieval: Move yourself into a shift as we work with the Cosmos to understand the patterns of chaos, and move without fear in the darkness to let go of old patterns and be able to enter the Sun Eyed Snake Jaguar Temple.
Shape-shifting: Come and explore shape-shifting, cut cords, restore energy, and work with the elements to clear and open the path of luminous energy fields.
Ceremonial Jaguar Dance: Enter the center of sacred space dance & sacred Jaguar Mayan chants to open the portals of the Heart of the Jaguar.
Create Life of Loving Jaguar: clearing and recapitulation using techniques with the black bowls or obsidian mirror of self reflection of the heart of the Jaguar to recover your personal energy.
This workshop is highly recommended if your life seems to be at a standstill, feeling like the body and spirit is in a retrograde moment, to be able to break through barriers & restore a sweet harmony within the cosmos and within your life.
A list of supplies will be given to participants, black bowls/obsidian mirrors & masks will be supplied for class use.
2015 Balam Jaguar Warriors
As they manifest their personal & open there Inter-dimension Shifts.
jaguarjusteyes Note From Irma StarSpirit Woman
I have been working with a Jaguar Medicine for many years now.  This inspirational work has lead me to a Series incorporating all the work and am happy to present this new work using many tools such as Jaguar mask and the obsidian scrying mirrors this is a merge of work in process and finally presenting it to you as an intensive.
In gratitude to my Balam Jaguar guides and the people also who have inspired me along the way.  Thank you Anita Garr, my mentor who is a Mayan Day Keeper who followed her dream, thank you for all your help and guidance, encouragement and love.