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We Thank The East, Direction Of Light, Rebirth & Inspiration.

We Thank The South, Direction Of Love, Compassion & Community.

We Thank The West, Direction Of  Courage To Face Our Shadows.

We Thank The North, Direction Of Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance.

Welcome to our  community of healing and soul empowerment. You are invited to join our upcoming workshops and circles. Connect with the elements, creator, and the divine light within you!

NEW! – Sunday, August 9th – NYSC Sound Circle
Time: Starts at 1:30 pm, Led By Sage Logan
Place: WellBody – Union Square Area
              22 East 17th Street, The 5th Floor, #521
              Between Union Square West & 5th Avenue
Friday, August 14th – Open Circle
Time: Starts at 7:00 pm, Led By NYSC Core Group
Place: YoGanesh Yoga – 208 W 29th St,
              The Second Floor, #201
              Between 7th & 8th Avenues
Saturday, August 15th – Amazonian Green Medicine
With Itzhak Beery – Lessons Fom Ipupiara Amazonian Shaman
Time: From 10:00 AM -to- 5:00 PM
Place: To Be Announced
Friday, August 28th – NY Shamanic Healing Circle
Time: Starts at 7:00 pm, Led By Irma StarSpirit Woman
Place: YoGanesh Yoga – 208 W 29th St,
              The Second Floor, #201
              Between 7th & 8th Avenues
Saturday, September 5th – Women’s Circle
Time: Starts at 1:30 pm, Led By Cristina Maria
Place: Central Park – The Great Hill
Upper West Side Area
106th Street, New York, NY.
(The Entrance by 106th St)

Go up the stairs and after you find the bathrooms at the Great Hill,
let’s meet in that area, and we will chose a spot from there.


Amazon Medicine: 

Celebrating Ipupiara’s Life and Teachings

with Itzhak Beery

Saturday, August 15

2pm – 7pm – NYC

$100 – after August 5th $120

 Location and instructions will be sent only for those who register.

 Please join us on the fourth anniversary of Ipupiara’s passing, to celebrate his rich healing legacy, to make sure his knowledge will not be forgotten and will continue to inspire new generations of healers to come. Ipupiara believed that “We Are All Shamans.” We are all natives of the Earth and that we all have the responsibility to make other people dreams come true.

Join us on this special day to learn about:

(Time permitting)

 * Yara & Tupana

Teaching of the rainforest Gods

* Tacuma Needles Technique

Unique Amazonian healing technique of diagnostic, 

to stimulate and activate the nervous system   

* Candle and Egg Reading

Traditional Andes diagnostic technique

* Akuras (evil spirits) Diagnostics

Techniques to locate entities

* Protection Techniques

* Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony

* Ipu’s Stories & teachings

Register now @ www.nyshamaniccircle.org 

find the Donation button and Pay via Paypal or email: nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com 


Taught by Sage Logan

Halloween Weekend Workshop!

SAT & SUN, OCT, 31st & NOV 1st
10:00 am -to- 5:00 pm,

Location: WellBody – Union Square
22 East 17th Street, 5th Floor, #521
New York, NY, 10003
Btwn Union Square West & 5th Avenue)

Join us, in learning to work with the Ancestors. Working with Ancestors, begins the process of healing family wounds, this work benefits the practitioner and their entire family! Ancestral work can become a profound source of both guidance and protection. Journey to the land beyond the waters, cross the river, and begin the process of healing your Ancestral lineage.

Within This 2 Day Weekend Workshop, You Will Learn:

  • The Myths & Truths About This Sacred Work.

  • The Traditional Prohibitions Upon The Ancestral Path.

  • The Sacred Ways To Connect To Your Ancestors.

  • Ways To Both Approach & Deepen This Connection.

  • The Traditional Offerings Given To The Ancestors.

  • Ways To Receive Direct Guidance From The Ancestors.

Early Bird Discount: $200 – Before OCT 15th

After OCT 15th Price : $250

To Register email: NYShamanicCircle@gmail.com

Limited Space Available!

About Sage Logan: Sage is a Traditional RootWorker & Musician. Known for his humor and playing Native American Flute, he is a longtime Shamanic Practitioner and a Core Member of the NY Shamanic Circle.