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We Thank East, Direction Of Light, Rebirth & Inspiration.

We Thank South, Direction Of Love, Compassion & Community.

We Thank West, Direction Of  Courage To Face Our Shadows.

We Thank North, Direction Of Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance.


Welcome to our  community of healing and soul empowerment. You are invited to join our upcoming workshops and circles. Connect with the elements, creator, and the divine light within you!


We wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017 from all our coremembers!

Our circles will resume soon as we are looking for a space to hold our circles, stay tune!

NYSC Proudly welcomes back

Coyote Medicine

with Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy

Feb. 11 & 12 2017

In this workshop, Barbara and Lewis will share their approach to integrating traditional, indigenous wisdom into contemporary healing work.  We present an “indigenous inspired, narrative focused, body-centered, community based, and spiritually respectful method for healing.  
We will share how we work to create a community in which healing can take place, how we involve the body through Cherokee bodywork and forms of energy medicine, and how we use story and drama.  We focus on stories as the building blocks of the mind, a concept drawn from the Lakota nagi, or the swarm of all the stories centered around the person’s body, that have made that person how they are.  We wish to replace diagnostic labels (like depression, anxiety, bipolar) with an understanding that some stories for how to live our lives don’t actually work as well as we wish, and sometimes we have to find new stories by which to live, in order to improve our self-world interface. For more information click below on link. 

Info On Coyote Healing Workshop

Cost: $300 for the weekend class

To Register email: nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com