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Women’s Circle – Every First Sat. of the Month

Womens Circle banner
The Women’s Circle  
w/ Cristina Maria & Antoinette
 1st Sat. of the Month
From 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Our New Location: Yoni Studio, 115 West 29th St Suite 601 New York

Exchange: $20

In a sacred place of trust and safety we connect with our bodies, souls and spirits. We honor and celebrate the Divine feminine through: drumming, rattling, journey work, rituals, and sharing.

NYSC Women’s Circle 
Cristina Maria RojasFernandez and Andrea Takacs-Carvalho open their arms for all women from all traditions and levels – beginners are especially welcome!
Join other special women seeking to connect with their feminine wisdom. Within the circle, women unite to empower their voices, enhance their courage, reinforce their compassion, and connect with their wisdom. We meditate, play music to access our heart’s knowledge, remember our mothers and grandmas, share, and enjoy sisterhood! Oxytocin is a woman’s natural de-stress hormone. It helps us relax, lowers blood pressure, has anti-anxiety effects, and promotes healing – and gathering with women release oxytocin! This circle is open to all traditions and levels, and beginners are especially encouraged to attend. For more info or to save your spot, please email nyWomensCircle@gmail.com.
Bring a rattle (you may borrow one at the event), water to drink, pen & notepad, a scarf, and feel free to bring objects that are connected to your spiritual power.
July – Sept we are at Central Park ~ Great Hill Behind the Bathrooms ~ Please bring a mat/blanket.
Suggested donation: $20
Andréa Takacs-Carvalho is a Women’s Circle organizer, Shamanic practitioner, Womb Awakening Mentor, vegan mama, and life-long environmentalist. Born in Brazil, Andréa began her spiritual journey early following her passion. Her gatherings, ceremonies, and private sessions help women connect with the Sacred Feminine, and heal unhealthy and painful memories and emotions stored in the body, and feel happier and freer. She is a Woman of Power, honoring Mother Earth and living in balance with her. Contact her via www.TheGaiaHealer.com

Cristina Maria RojasFernandez is a Medicine Woman and Licensed Social Worker in NY/NJ. She practices the art of Soul Guidance ~ guiding your soul and helping it to heal in its unique form.  She practices Herbal and Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanism, Witchery, Body Work, Energy/Vibrational Healing, Talk and other Earth-Centered Traditions.  She facilitates monthly circles/workshops/classes and offers sessions in NJ/NY ~ contact her via healingmedicineways@gmail.com.