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The NY Shamanic Circle is proud to present:
Shamanic Diagnostic Techniques for Physical Emotional and Spiritual Healing.
with Itzhak Beery
Saturday, January 14th 2017 – 10am-6pm
All day workshop – $120
Pay by PayPal at www.nyshamaniccircle.org

Learn Diagnostic Energy scanning, Candle flame, Eggs and Palm Reading. These techniques are important ancient pre-Inca diagnostic technique widely used to this day by Yachaks (shamans) of the Andes.

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The NYSC is honored to welcome back Ecuadorian Shaman
Don Oscar Santillan – KuriCharik 
Ancestral Wisdom and Medicine of the Andes
Sunday, September 18th 

Join us for a one-day intensive where Don Oscar-KuriCharik takes us on a journey through the sacred Andean Mountains. It is well known in Indigenous Traditions that to receive the essence of a Medicine People it must be lived and experienced first-hand. Learn the sacred and ancient healing tradition of his people – from the Otavalo Kichwa Nation – through your Body, Soul, and Spirit – a form that will live with you always.

In this highly experiential workshop, Don Oscar-KuriCharik shares teachings on:
          – Ceremonies and Rituals – importance and practice
          – Healing techniques and approaches – use of tools, tangible and intangible
          – How to communicate with Pacha Mama, Wakas, Deities and more
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Location: Provided to registrants
Cost: Early Bird Special (by September 11th) $155 ~ After $199
Be sure to experience this unique opportunity.
This is Don Oscar’s final teaching appearance in NYC for 2016.
You take this journey deep into the Andes and the medicine will remain deep within your bones, always.
Register now! Find the Donation button on the right side and Pay via Paypal. or email nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com 

More About Don Oscar:

Yachak (shaman) Don Oscar Santillan – KuriCharik (gold or sun in the heart) is a 7th generation sound healer, community leader, and teacher of traditional Andean wisdom from the Otavalo Kichwa Nation in Ecuador. An active member of indigenous organizations, he educates people about culture as well as sustainable development through Fair Trade practices and micro-financing. A Kichwa speaker with a strong connection to the natural world, he has made many radio appearances to spread ancient Andean wisdom and culture. Along with his family, he has created the Pakarinka Sisari, or Center for Ancestral Wisdom, displaying sacred musical instruments, pre-Colombian bowls, and symbolic clay hands for guidance and protection. With the majestic mountain, Imbabura as the backdrop, the center is a place to learn about ancient Andean ways and connect with Mother Nature. He has appeared in two films directed by Iris Brooks and Jon H. Davis. In Languages Lost and Found, he speaks his native tongue and plays a 300-year old condor feather flute and for the new, interactive DVD, Awakening Languages: A Personal Exploration, Sharing, and Questioning.

Don Oscar is the Co-founder of Centro de Sabiduría Ancestral Pakarinka Sisari, Agato, Pichincha, Ecuador.


The NY Shamanic Circle is honored to Annual:



Saturday, August 20
On his birthdate.
1:30pm – 7pm – NYC
$100 – after August 10th $120
 Location and instructions will be sent only for those who register.
Please join us on the fifth anniversary (The his birthday) of Ipupiara’s passing, to celebrate his rich healing legacy, to make sure his knowledge will not be forgotten and will continue to inspire new generations of healers to come. Ipupiara believed that “We Are All Shamans.” We are all natives of the Earth and that we all have the responsibility to make other people dreams come true.
Join us on this special day to learn about:
(Time permit)
* Yara & Tupana
Teaching of the rainforest Gods
* Tacuma Needles Technique
Unique Amazonian healing technique of diagnostic, 
to stimulate and activate the nervous system   
* Candle and Egg Reading
Traditional Andes diagnostic technique
* Akuras (evil spirits) Diagnostics
Techniques to locate entities
* Protection Techniques
* Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony
* Ipu’s Stories & teachings
find the Donation button and pay via Paypal 
or email for more info: nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com 




The NY Shamanic Circle is honored to bring back our beloved
Susana Tapia León
Medicine Woman, Sound Healer
& Midwifefrom the Highland of Ecuador

in a special workshop:
Voyage to the Self:
Healing Sounds, Movement &  Gentle Touch
Sat., July 16, 10 am- 5:30 pm – Cost: $150
Location: Given to Registrants,  Manhattan Area

In this highly experiential workshop, Ecuadorian medicine woman Susana Tapia Leon will guide us in the art of body movement, gentle healing touch, breath and sound–either of the voice overtones or of musical instrument. These ancient processes help us remove the roots of early childhood and ancestral negative imprint on our souls and energy bodies.

Using shamanic journeys, in dreamtime, we will go into powerful visions to awaken our inner wisdom and activate our inner joy. It will enable us to synchronize our energies with energies of Nature, enjoy life in its fullest and blossom to our true selves, with full awareness and expansion of self consciousness.

Please join us in this important and  profound work. Reserve your place now.

or Call Irma at 718 396-4246
To register: go to www.nyshamaniccircle.org and click the donation/Paypal button. Make note.
Susana Tapia León is a Medicine Woman, teacher and Midwife from the Ecuadorian Highlands who specializes in Sound Healing and Voice Expression Therapy.
She has studied and practiced with traditional and contemporary medicine for over three decades and carries these teachings throughout the Americas. Her “Voyage to the Self” CD is available to be purchased. For over 15 years Susana support and teaches at the NY Shamanic Circle



self-defenseShamanic Protection and Self-Defense:
Indigenous Techniques for the Modern Life.
With Itzhak Beery

Saturday, May 21 at 10-5pm 

Location: will be announce to participants.

$120.00 until May 12; $160 thereafter

To pay by Paypal/Credit card click on the banner on our Home page.

Everyday each of us is surrounded by negative energies. They emanate from other people, buildings or geographical locations. You are exposed to evil eyes, bad energy, jealousy, envy, curses, invisible arrows, and more. Knowing how to protect yourself is incredibly valuable, and can help you live a healthy and happy life.

This course gives you the tools you need to understand the true nature of evil spirits, so you can develop the protection necessary to live a full and rewarding life unencumbered by negative energies.

* Learn how to recognize negative spirits when they appear before you.
* Discover the true nature of evil spirits — even when they come to you in the form of something sweet and loving.
* Learn to identify the patterns created by negative energy in your life.
* Develop a toolbox of indigenous protection techniques that you can apply for the rest of your life.
* Acquire the skills to use different physical tools, including household objects, to protect yourself against negative energies.
* Find out how various shamanic indigenous traditions view the relationship between good and evil.
* Recognize the many ways that you unconsciously express evil spirits through your own behavior, so you can prevent negative energies from working through you.

APRIL 2016
Zelda-Workshop-2016+img.png ~ FB EVENT

We all search for that perfect drum, the one that resounds with the unique beat of our heart while channeling its legacy as the heart beat of our Great Mother Earth, herself. This special relationship between a Medicine Person and their drum can only be attained through feeling and connecting with Great Spirit from above and one’s own Spirit from within.

This unique 2-day workshop offers the safety of the womb by working with your inner child, Great Spirit, and Mother Earth. You will walk upon sacred hides from the Native Land, receive a flow of guidance from Creator and Personal Allies, and connect with each of the cardinal directions to bring forth the spirit essence that chooses you. You will heal old wounds, through the birthing of your Sacred Drum that will become a lifelong companion along your Medicine Path.

Includes All Materials for Making Your Drum In The Traditional Way! $100 Non-Refundable Deposit Due By 3/31/16

Saturday April 16th ~ 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

 Sunday April 17th~ 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Joria Productions on West 47th Street, NY, NY

2-Day Workshop Price $375.00



Zelda Hotaling: is raised in the Native American Traditions of the Mohawk people, The Haudenosaunee. Her family is from the Kahnawaka Reservation in Canada and she began receiving her teachings as a child with the Elders and building her relationship with Creator. Zelda holds the Sacred Dream Circle Project “SHIFTS HAPPEN”. She uses Drums, Rattles & Crystal Bowls to promote healing through sound. Her gifts are inner sight & Spirit Guide Healing work. Visit Zelda: http://zeldahotaling.com/

Jim Wood Shaman, Shamanic workshop, NY Shamanic Circle, NYC, Sage Logan

Jim Wood
Celtic Shamanic Teacher

All disease (dis-ease) is composed of three distinct aspects; physical, emotional and spiritual. To truly heal involves attention to all three areas. The spiritual aspect of disease is often overlooked or discounted by modern Western medicine. Our ancestors well knew the power of working with the natural and spirit worlds to aid in healing.

In two individual workshops we will explore ways to clear, empower and
heal using stories and techniques from a Celtic perspective of the world.

Saturday – March 26, 2016
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Celtic Healer

A series of techniques and rituals for spiritual healing and protection using a Celtic world-view. Healing with the Four Directions, Healing with the Elements, Braids of Power, Warding off the Evil Eye and Soul Hiding will all be presented.

Sunday – March 27, 2016
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Heart So True

We will use this traditional Irish tale (Also called The Corpse Watcher) to explore, break and heal one of more of the negative enchantments from our past that we still carry and which block us from being healthy and whole.

BOTH Days Held At WellBody In Union Square, NYC.

22 E 17th St, 5th Fl. #521 New York, NY, 10003
Between Union Square West & 5th Avenue.


Each Full-Day Intensive Is $125

OR Attend BOTH Days For $200

For Questions Email: NYShamanicCircle@gmail.com
Or Call Sage At (917) 504-1724

Jim Wood Celtic Shaman,Jim Wood: is a Celtic Practitioner and ordained Druid Priest currently living in North Florida. He has trained extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Tom Cowan and Sandra Ingerman. He has a private Shamanic healing practice, facilitates workshops and drumming circles and can be reached at www.CelticWisdom.com


February 2016

jaguar heart workshop (4)One Heart Balam Jaguar

One Balam Jaguar Spirit

An Intensive Personal Healing

with Irma StarSpirit Woman

Date: Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016 from 10- 5:00
Cost: Early Bird Extended Until Feb. 10th $130 thereafter $170
To Register: email nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com
Location announced to those who register
You are invited to enter and work with the Balam Jaguar ; to the Maya people the Jaguar is highly respected and venerated. The Maya believe that the jaguar has the ability to cross between worlds – between the living world (which was associated with the day) and the spirit world (which was associated with the night).  Enter the shifts and realms of personal healing with Balam Jaguar a guide of awakening and restoring your power within.
Soul Retrieval: Move yourself into a shift as we work with the Cosmos to understand the patterns of chaos, and move without fear in the darkness to let go of old patterns and be able to enter the Sun Eyed Snake Jaguar Temple.
Shape-shifting: Come and explore shape-shifting, cut cords, restore energy, and work with the elements to clear and open the path of luminous energy fields.
Ceremonial Jaguar Dance: Enter the center of sacred space dance & sacred Jaguar Mayan chants to open the portals of the Heart of the Jaguar
Create Life of Loving Jaguar: clearing and recapitulation using techniques with the black bowls or obsidian mirror of self reflection of the heart of the Jaguar to recover your personal energy.
This workshop is highly recommended if your life seems to be at a standstill, feeling like the body and spirit is in a retrograde moment, to be able to break through barriers & restore a sweet harmony within the cosmos and within your life.
A list of supplies will be given to participants, black bowls/obsidian mirrors & masks will be supplied for class use.
jagua class                                  Balam Warriors of 2015
 As they manifest their personal & open there Inter-dimension Shifts.
About Irma StarSpirit Woman:

Irma StarSpirit Woman is a Medicine Woman honoring the ways of the curanderas and medicine elders, a Shamanic & Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Toltec Dreamworker, an Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, Co-Founder of the New York Shamanic Healing Circle, and core member of the NY Shamanic Circle for 16 years. StarSpirit Woman uses sound healing, crystals, and works with the “poderios”, the elemental forces to keep an open channel of communication to the Great Spirit. Her style is accompanied by prayer work and traditional indigenous ceremonies to heal her community with heart.

Note From Irma StarSpirit Woman
I have been working with a Jaguar Medicine for many years now.  This inspirational work has lead me to a Series incorporating all the work and am happy to present this new work using many tools such as Jaguar mask and the obsidian scrying mirrors this is a merge of work in process and finally presenting it to you as an intensive.
In gratitude to my Balam Jaguar guides and the people also who have inspired me along the way.  Thank you Anita Garr, my mentor who is a Mayan Day Keeper who followed her dream, thank you for all your help and guidance, encouragement and love.


January 2016 

tony as so above so below

Medicine for the Earth

How to Transform Personal & Environmental Toxins

with Tony Allicino

Sat & Sun. Jan. 30 & 31, 2016 * 10:00am – 5 pm
Cost: $285
Location: WellBody – Union Square
22 East 17th Street, 5th Floor, #521
New York, NY, 10003
(Btwn Union Square West & 5th Avenue)
To Register: Contact nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com
Is it possible to create miracles using the power of your intentions?
We invite one and  all to a very special two-day workshop with Tony Allicino in this experiential workshop that is based on ancient wisdoms researched by Sandra Ingerman for her book “Medicine for the Earth” and put into an easily accessible form to raise consciousness to be integrated into your life to create miracle for your personal wellbeing and for the wellbeing of all your relations.
Based on the universal principles “so with-in/so with-out” and “as above/so below”, you will learn an esoteric healing method to shift from “ego” to “oneness” and be able to move into a deep relationship with the web of life transforming personal and environmental pollution, and transmuting negative beliefs, attitudes and energy to generate changes in your own health, in your relationships, and in the natural surroundings where you live.
Working in partnership with your helping Spirits, Nature and the Elements, you will learn to harness your power with shapeshifting transfiguration and the alchemy of transmutation to reclaim your true divine nature and how to restore harmony and balance within yourself affecting positive change.
Bring your drum and rattle, a rock, something to lie on, and journal.
Prerequisites: Good journeying skills and required reading “Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins” by Sandra Ingerman.

tony as so

About: Tony Allicino
Tony Allicino, a student of shamanism since 1997, has taught introductory and advanced shamanism & Medicine for the Earth workshops, facilitated retreats, created and led rituals at LaGuardia Community College/CUNY, The Open Center, Shantigar, Journeys to the Soul, Spirit Hollow, Kirkridge, Easton Mountain, Menla House, and Dawn Manor. He has studied shamanism traditions with Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, Christina Pratt, Nan Moss and David Corbin, Uncle Angaangao, Ailo Gaup, and indigenous shamans of North and South America.




Taugh by Sage Logan

Halloween Weekend Workshop!

SAT & SUN, OCT, 31st & NOV 1st
10:00 am -to- 5:00 pm,

Location: WellBody – Union Square
22 East 17th Street, 5th Floor, #521
New York, NY, 10003
Btwn Union Square West & 5th Avenue)

Working with Ancestors, begins the process of healing family wounds, this work benefits both the practitioner and their entire family. Ancestral work can become a profound source of both guidance and protection. Journey to the land beyond the waters, cross the river, and begin the process of healing your Ancestral lineage.

























Within This Experiential Weekend Workshop, You Will:

  • Connect With Your Own Ancestral Lineage Of Loving Ancestors.

  • Receive Traditional Teachings About The Ancestral Path.

  • Learn A Powerful Ceremony To Contact Your Ancestors.

  • Discover Ways to Heal Family Wounds, & Utilize Ancestral Gifts.

  • Explore Ways To Receive Guidance From Your Ancestors.

  • Gain Access to Deep Initiatory Spiritual Contacts.

TWO Day Workshop Exchange: $250

For Questions email: NYShamanicCircle@gmail.com

Limited Space Available!

Sage Logan: was raised within a family tradition of African American folk magic known as Rootwork. He is also a longtime Shamanic Practitioner, and has learned sacred ceremonies, and healing techniques first hand from indigenous healers, from the Lakota & Cherokee traditions, healers from Peru & Ecuador, the Maori of New Zealand, South African Sangoma’s & many more. Sage is an organizer, of the NY Shamanic Circle, New York’s eldest Shamanic non-profit organization.





Amazon Medicine: 

Celebrating Ipupiara’s Life and Teachings

with Itzhak Beery

Saturday, August 15

2pm – 7pm – NYC

Workshop Price $120

 Location and instructions will be sent only for those who register.

 Please join us on the fourth anniversary of Ipupiara’s passing, to celebrate his rich healing legacy, to make sure his knowledge will not be forgotten and will continue to inspire new generations of healers to come. Ipupiara believed that “We Are All Shamans.” We are all natives of the Earth and that we all have the responsibility to make other people dreams come true.

Join us on this special day to learn about:

(Time permitting)

 * Yara & Tupana

Teaching of the rainforest Gods

* Tacuma Needles Technique

Unique Amazonian healing technique of diagnostic, 

to stimulate and activate the nervous system   

* Candle and Egg Reading

Traditional Andes diagnostic technique

* Akuras (evil spirits) Diagnostics

Techniques to locate entities

* Protection Techniques

* Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony

* Ipu’s Stories & teachings

Register now @ www.nyshamaniccircle.org 

find the Donation button and Pay via Paypal or email: nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com 


JULY 2015